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What is the Difference Between

Mot and Service

An MOT test is an inspection of your car, but the garage is not allowed to dismantle or strip components down. The MOT test is the same for all cars, because the inspection criteria is set by the Government agency VOSA. 


A service is also mainly an inspection, so if you book the wrong one, it will duplicate large parts (but not all) of the MOT test inspection. Some kind of service is needed in addition to the MOT each year, because it includes changing some 'service items' and stripping down some key safety components.

A service is different at every garage, and if it is based on guidelines from the car manufacturer, it will vary from car to car and year to year.



When a new vehicle becomes 3 years old it must have an MOT test carried out. Then every 12 months after that.

You can MOT your vehicle up to one month early and the remaining days added to your new MOT. This allows the vehicle owner time to get any repairs carried out so that they do not drive without MOT.

Note this is not a get out of jail free card. If your vehicle fails its test on tyres or brakes etc, you will still get fined and points on your licence if you get stopped by The Police or VOSA.

Driving a vehicle without a current MOT test can get you 6 points on your driving licence.

You can drive to and from a MOT testing centre if the vehicle is booked in for it's test. The testing centre will ask you for the make, registration number and your name.

Who Will Test My Vehicle?

MOT Test Certificates

The MOT test is carried out by a trained person known as a nominated tester. He or she is trained by DVOSA (Department of Vehicle Operator Service Agency). The test is carried out in a set order. This means if your vehicle is tested in one place on one day and another on the next day, the end result will be the same.

The MOT certificate is now issued in three parts. Part one and part two will remain the same, however, the new part three will contain additional information and will be printed on a separate page. Items covered will include:

odometer reading (mileage reading)

any vehicle defects (minor, major or dangerous)

European symbol of country

and the legal consequences of not having a valid test certificate

Mot Testing

Brake Fluid


Brake fluid plays a crucial role as it transfers the force created when a driver presses the brake pedal directly onto the wheel hub. Heat generated under braking, especially under heavier breaking or prolonged breaking, may affect the brake fluid which can only work if it is liquid and not so hot that it has become vapour. Therefore the boiling point your brake fluid achieves is critical to efficient braking as temperatures above the boiling point form vapour bubbles in the system, potentially resulting in brake failure.


In addition, the brake fluid serves as a lubricant of all movable parts and prevents corrosion. It has to be compatible with rubber seals and hoses thus allowing braking systems to achieve long service and optimal performance.

Oil &

Filter Change

Oil lubricates and protects your engine. It increases engine life span, aids fuel efficiency and helps you get maximum power and performance from your vehicle.

Oil is the blood of the engine and reduces the friction between the internal moving parts of your engine.

There are many choices of oil available for the modern vehicle - you can be assured that Portslade Mot has access to the latest oil products.




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